Wheel Alignment

If you regularly drive on poorly maintained roads or have a hit a large pothole or even just a curb, your alignment can be affected.

This can cause even the slightest, tiniest alignment issue, which can accelerate uneven tire wear. Alignment is a procedure performed by your mechanic to get your vehicle’s suspension back into proper form. By making adjustments to the vehicle’s tires and axles, the wheels are once again aligned with each other and can make solid contact with the road.

What are the common symptoms indicating you need a Wheel Alignment

  • Your vehicle is pulling to the left or right side
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Steering is crooked even while driving straight
  • Tires are making a squealing noise 

How it’s done

  • First, your mechanic will take your vehicle for a test drive to see exactly what is going on with your vehicle.
  • Then they’ll raise your car on a hoist and examine the tires and suspension components to ensure that everything is in working order. Any parts that are broken or show signs of excessive wear will be replaced before the alignment process begins.
  • Next, the tire pressure is checked on all four tires and any needed adjustments are made.
  • Your vehicle will be hooked up to the alignment machine and your mechanic will begin making the adjustments to the suspension angles according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Next, your mechanic will ensure that the steering wheel is centered.
  • A test drive is performed to ensure that all issues have been addressed and everything is back in alignment.

How important is this service?

A wheel alignment ensures optimal drivability. It will help your tires last longer, your vehicle drive smoother, ultimately keeping your wheels pointed in the right direction. And, when it drives more smoothly, it’s smooth sailing ahead. Plus, your car will require less energy to keep going, potentially saving a ton of fuel depending on how much alignment was required.

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