Covid Package

 Quarantine has made us sit at home for more than a month. During this period, as we were not allowed to take out the car it is highly possible that our car would face many problems,  it may be corrosion, exhausted battery or damage to handbrake, etc. We have come up with a comprehensive package that will help you get your car moving again.

How it’s done

We have designed our COVID package in a way that it includes the most essential things your car needs immediately. The package includes the following services:

  1. Ac vents cleaning
  2. Battery water top-up
  3. Battery jumpstart(if needed)
  4. Complete car sanitization (includes interior dry cleaning, complete interior sanitization, exterior car wash)
  5. Complete vehicle check-up (including brake pads and filters)
  6. Pick and Drop (if needed)

Any additional services like wheel alignment, engine oil replacement, etc will be carried out additionally if necessary.