Anti-Rust Underbody Coating

The underbody of your car is exposed to a lot of wear especially if you drive your car during rains.Underbody coating protects your car from corrosion and rust

How it’s done

First the underbody of your car is washed thoroughly and degreased.

Then a Protective coat is applied typically with an Undershield gun. The protective coat is a hard coating which is  fast drying,non toxic and chip resistant

How important is this service?

It’s definitely good to prevent rust. Rusting is more when there is a lot of mud stuck to the under-body and this holds the water for a longer duration which helps in rusting. The protective coat creates a thick layer and doesn’t allow the mud to come in contact with metal under-body. Most of the Underbody coatings come with a 2-5 year warranty, make sure you ask your mechanic what material he is using for the coat.