Single Panel Denting and Painting

It’s not a question of if it’s going to happen, but rather when. In a parking lot. In the driveway. On the road. Even from within the safe confines of your garage. Your vehicle is going to get scratched or dented, and in all likelihood more than just once over the course of its lifetime. The denting process removes any visible deformities from your car and makes sure that your car looks as good as new.

What are the common symptoms indicating you need a Denting and Painting Service:

  • There is some kind of deformity on the exterior car panel 
  • An accident or a scratch resulted in the removal of paint from a metal part

How it’s done

  • First, your mechanic will repair the dent in the affected area. The first step is to repair the dent
  • Then they will do filling and premiering in the affected area.
  • Next, they will paint 2-4 coats on the affected area, and blend in the paint with the rest of the panel.
  • If needed they will spray paint 1 coat on the non-affected area.

How important is this service?

No one wants a dent on their shiny looking car. But that being said, panel denting and painting is an expensive process. We advise you to shop around and ask the mechanic exactly what he is going to do and get quotes from multiple workshops before deciding. If the damage is minor, it is probably also not worth filing a claim with your insurance company.