Quarantine has made us sit at home for 21 days consecutively. In this period we should do some physical and mental activities for better metabolism of our body. As our body needs extra care, our car also needs extra maintenance! In these 21 days of quarantine, as we are not allowed to take out the car it is highly possible that our car would face many problems, then it may be corrosion, exhausted battery or damage to handbrake, etc. To avoid this, here are some useful but easy DIYs that you can do for your car in these 21 days – 

Some easy DIYs you can do for your car while in 'Quarantine'
some easy DIYs you can do for your car while in quarantine
  • The car should be covered – The easiest way to cover your car is to parking the car in the garage or indoor place. If there’s no facility of indoor parking then cover your car by the waterproof car cover. It will help to lower the corrosion and will help to keep the car dry and clean. If you don’t have the car cover give a coat of wax or polish to protect the paint of the car. 
  • Release the hand-brake – If we apply the handbrake for a longer period, they might get fuse as braking pads come in contact with the drums often. To prevent this, you can keep big sized stones or a piece of wood or even a brick at each wheel. But while doing these tricks, don’t forget to keep the car in first gear. 
  • Fuel the car – Yes, you read it right. Though it is not possible to take out the car from the garage, it is necessary to fill up the fuel if the fuel tank is empty. We will tell you why- When we keep the fuel tank empty, it leads to corrosion and attracts rust in the fuel tank. Then, from the next time when you will try to fill the tank, along with the fuel other particles will also enter the tank. Always keep the fuel tank away from the moisture. 
  • Keep the interior clean – When the car is in no use, for some time keep the doors or even windows open. Maintaining ventilation in the car will improve the quality of indoor air. Clean the remained trash. You can wash the floor mats or can clean the seats. Don’t forget to remove any eatable items or else it will create an odour. 
  • Reduce the pressure on the tyres – If possible keep the four jacks below the car which will help to lift the car. It will reduce the pressure of the wheels. Allow them to take rest for a while.
  • Maintenance of the battery – Dead battery in the car will not allow you to start the engine. Check the water levels and fill it up by the distilled water. To maintain the charging of battery and to avoid erosion the best way is to remove the negative battery cable. Even driving your car once every two weeks for 10-15 minutes will lubricate the other components and the engine and will keep battery charged. If you have trickle charger or battery tender, you can use it to charge the battery.  Plug one end into a wall outlet and other to battery. It provides the power to prevent the battery from being discharged.  

           As you shield yourself from this Covid-19 virus or Corona, also shield your car from further damage like corrosion or even rust. Be protective and be protected!