When it comes down to the question of whether Auto repair shops charge women more than men or not, there is something fishy going on. It can be assumed that mechanic shops have designed different treatments for customers on the basis of their technical knowledge. If a customer appears to be well informed, sellers are likely to charge them reasonable price. On the other hand, when a consumer seems to be not so informed, sellers tend to take the advantage and charge them higher.      

However, study has shown that women drivers actually do end up charged more than men, except when they don’t. Customers of different genders end up being quoted different prices. It is more likely for a woman customer to get higher service charge when she says she has no idea how much the charge should be than when male driver days the same.

What research tells us?

When three researchers from Northwestern University decided to study the question of how gender plays part while being treated by sellers, they found out this fact to be confirmed, sometimes. They performed the study by making calls to auto repair shops of various cities asking for a radiator replacement. Sellers asked some of the call center agents to reveal their expected price while some were not asked anything of such. Price difference cropped up among them who were not asked anything. Women and men both were quoted higher prices when they did not mention their expected price. Though for women especially, the quoted price was even higher when they appeared to be not well informed. 

However, when men and women both seemed to be informed, the price difference got eliminated out, while the study did show the obvious price difference between well informed and poorly informed customers regardless of their gender.

In the sellers’ defense, statistically women customers appeared to be poorly informed more than men. But the interesting part is when they do, the margin of price difference is higher for women. The explanation behind this unfairness mainly is sellers inherently assume that women are more ignorant about cars or at least about service charges for cars. Another point to be noted that most of the workers of auto repair shops were male.

Are woman drivers charged more for servicing than men
Are woman drivers charged more for servicing than men

Women get more discount than men!

The experiment discovered that when requested for lower price, women were provided a price cut more than men. Higher initial price for women could be the reason for the price cut but this is not the case here according to the researchers. Women received a price cut 35% of the time where men received that only 25% of the time. The difference is pretty sizable. Possible explanation for this may be another stereotype. It is assumed by the sellers that women don’t haggle and negotiate and therefore chances of them walking out of the door when being quoted high price is more. Fear of losing a potential customer might be the reason for this one.

How we can substitute this price discrimination?

To avoid this unfair situation, women are advised to gather their market information about car repair and let the repair shop know that they have done their research. Asking more questions can help. Despite of that, if quoted higher than market price, women asking for a discount are also very likely to receive one.

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